Meet the small, but passionate, team behind the Finch Robot and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit!

Tom Lauwers, Ph.D.

President & Chief Roboticist

Tom founded BirdBrain Technologies in 2010 after completing his thesis work at Carnegie Mellon's CREATE Lab. At CMU, Tom designed the electronics used in early versions of the Finch robot and Hummingbird robotics kit using a design process that included extensive real-world pilots and student & teacher feedback. Tom is passionate about ensuring access to computer science education for all students, and is constantly brainstorming ways to get Birdbrain products in front of kids who may not have the chance to program a robot during their normal school day.

Bambi Brewer, Ph.D.

Curriculum Development Manager & Resident Maker

Bambi is the curriculum designer for Birdbrain Technologies. Her job is to help teachers integrate the Hummingbird and Finch robots into their classrooms. This includes working to align robotics projects to existing curriculum standards, helping teachers document and share their successful classroom projects, and coming up with fun new ways to use the Hummingbird and Finch. Bambi has ten years of experience in education at all levels and has been designing robotics curricula since 2013.

Aparna Brown, Ph.D.

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Aparna manages Birdbrain's philanthropy and outreach programs, including the Finch Robot loan program. She is grateful to be a part of efforts to increase access to computer science education for kids across the country. She loves watching kids' creativity come to life through Finch robot dance parties and Hummingbird creations!

Ashley Durham

Media Specialist

Ashley captures the happenings at BirdBrain workshops and events on camera. She creates and edits all of the video tutorial, promotional, and navigational content for BirdBrain's websites and YouTube channel. If you've enjoyed one of Birdbrain's informative video tutorials then you have Ashley's videography prowess to thank!

Sarah Gremba

Sales & Office Manager

Sarah is responsible for Birdbrain's sales and logistical efforts. From responding to your order queries to giving product demonstrations at conferences, Sarah is always enthusiastic about sharing her excitement about robotics.

Katie Henry

Professional Development Manager

Katie is responsible for BirdBrain's professional development and training, both domestically and internationally. She is a licensed K-12 integrated technology coach, K-9 Principal, and K-5 teacher with 6 years of teaching experience. She is passionate about integrating research-based EdTech for personalized learning.

Matt Hrydil

Sales & Office Assistant

Matt assists in the sales and logistical efforts at BirdBrain Technologies. Whether he is processing a purchase order or generating a price quote, he's excited to help put robots into the hands of students!

Raghunath Jangam

Firmware Engineer

Raghu is responsible for firmware related to the Finch Robot and other upcoming projects. He also provides technical support in resolving firmware issues. He is very passionate about electronics and has fun writing code into them!

Allison Lambacher

Marketing Coordinator

Allison is responsible for the marketing efforts of BirdBrain Technologies. From attending trade shows to managing social media, she maintains the "face" of the company! Allison is very enthusiastic about education and is invigorated by a student realizing their potential through BirdBrain's products.

Feel free to drop any of us a line at firstname at birdbraintechnologies dot com.