Finch Camp with Snap!

Snap!These activities are ordered to to provide a comprehensive instruction to Snap! programming and the Finch. They are appropriate for a morning or afternoon camp with roughly 10-15 hours of instructional time, plus breaks and time to share projects. If you are hosting a longer camp, you can supplement with additional activities from Snap!.

To install and start using Snap!, check out this tutorial.

Even a half-day camp can be a long time to sit at the computer! Think about incorporating some CS Unplugged activities into your camp. These activities highlight concepts in computer science through hands-on exercises that do not use the computer.



  • Time for students to create their own project or take one of the earlier projects further.
  • Demonstration for parents

Camp Conclusion

Camp concludes with time for students to create their own project. Many students may already have ideas, but prompts can be used for students who need help getting started. Some examples are given below.

  • Can you use the Finch to keep you from oversleeping?
  • Can you use the Finch to mimic an animal?
  • Can you use the Finch as a light sabre?
  • Can you use the Finch to help people exercise?
  • Can you use the Finch to graph the temperature and light in your classroom over time?
  • Can you make the Finch deliver a tasty snack? It has to find a person first (it can’t always deliver to the same spot)!