Bring hands-on learning into your classroom with physical computing!

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“The Finch paired with Snap offers so many layers of coding experiences for students that it could be used by all ages in our PreK-5th grade school. The more we use the Finch the more we find ways to incorporate it into our curriculum, and stretch our coding skills too.”

- Andy Plemmons, Elementary School Library Media Specialist, Athens, GA

“I have already noticed a significant difference in this year’s student learning with the Finch robots when compared to last year’s, who did not have the access to the robots. The Finch robots make it easy to observe exactly what their code is doing–and it’s fun!”

- Sara Kazemi, AP Computer Science Teacher, San Diego, CA

“Students loved using the Finches! Teachers initially were a bit intimidated, but quickly felt confident in learning how easily coding and the use of the Finches could be incorporated into daily lessons related to all content areas.”

- Beth Azar, Elementary School Principal, Wildwood, NJ

“The Finch Robot has been an excellent platform for reinforcing some essential concepts such as variables, while statements, functions, and decision structures. Working with the Finch has been much more enjoyable and engaging for the students than printing the ‘right answer’ on the screen.”

- Kristin Holmes, High School Math Teacher, Commack, NY

“My students fell in love with the Finch robots and many say they ‘will always remember the glowing nose.’ They felt proud that they were able to problem solve and program a robot. They worked with partners to overcome adversity and discover STEM as a team.”

- Topez Patterson, Technology Teacher, South Ozone Park, NY


Thousands of classrooms are using Finch Robots.

Here’s a look inside a few of them.

Robot Dance Party

  • Students from Heathwood Hall in SC show off their Finch Robot moves in one of our most popular activities!
  • Engrossing project for students at any level and using any programming language.
  • Opportunity to teach about different forms of music, or simply make CS a fun, hands-on activity!

Through the Maze

  • Students from Crossroads Elementary in KY demonstrate a maze challenge.
  • Young students build measurement skills & older students expand their abilities to create algorithms.
  • Effortlessly engage students in the “Four Cs” (collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking).

Finch Tales

  • Students at Alma Intermediate in AR, learning about the Revolutionary War in Social Studies, combined that knowledge with their programming skills to show the British vs. the Americans in battle.
  • Students interpret and analyze text through robotics, combining ELA and social studies with CS.
  • Engage students who may not think robotics or CS is “for them”.