Attach a marker and draw with the Finch!

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Programming Language

Snap! Jr., Snap!


Art & Music, Math


4-5, 6-8, 9-12

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This activity can be used at varying levels of complexity to meet geometric standards that focus on drawing and classifying shapes (K.G.B, 1.G.A, 2.G.A, 3.G.A, and 5.G.B). Extension #2 meets middle school standards concerning geometric transformations (7.G.A and 8.G.A).

You can use the indentation in the Finch’s tail to attach a marker with tape or velcro. Then you can make the Finch draw shapes!

Loops can be used to create a lot of interesting shapes. Start by trying out the program below, then modify it to create your own design!

Extension #1: Try adding additional markers to the Finch.

Extension #2: First, write a program to make Finch draw a shape. Your group can then challenge another to perform one of the three geometric transformations: translation, reflection, rotation, or dilation. This group will look at your shape and then write a program to draw it with the given transformation. Take turns challenging different groups to practice all four transformations. This extension is based on an activity by Lisa Ledford and Jo Ray Van Vliet of Towns County Elementary School (Hiawassee, GA).