Measurement Challenge

Measure the distance traveled by the Finch

Lesson Level


Programming Language

Snap! Jr.






This activity is aligned with Common Core math standards for measuring length (2.MD.A, 2.MD.C, and 3.MD.B) and solving real-world problems with basic arithmetic operations (2.OA.A, 3.OA.A, and 3.OA.D).

Teacher Note: This activity uses Snap! Level 2 but could be modified to use any other level.

How far does this block make the robot move?

Set your Finch so its tail is at the end of your ruler (at 0 cm). Then run the program below and measure how far the tail moves.

Next, change the number in the forward block. Try out different numbers between 1 and 10. Measure how far the robot moves for each number.

Can you use your measurements to figure out how many 8 blocks you would need to move 50 cm (or 20 in)? Make a prediction and then write a program to check your answer.