Lesson 16 – Interfaces with Finch

Required Java Concepts

Implementing interfaces

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As robots become more common, there is an increasing need to standardize how software interacts with them. For this lesson, imagine the year is 2030. Robots have become common commodities. Our government has determined a need to standardize the robotics industry. They have provided a standard interface with methods that need to apply to all robots on wheels. This interface is provided. Your task is to implement the interface class Robot.java. You will create a class named StandardFinch.

The StandardFinch class will be composed of a Finch class object. Declare the Finch object as a class instance variable and instantiate it in the method initialize( ). You will test your Java class with StandardFinchDriver.java.

What other things do you think the wheeled robots of the future might need to do? Can you extend the Robot.java interface to include these tasks?