Opening the Project

1.  Download the Jcreator project and unzip it to a convenient directory.

2.  Open JCreator.

3.  In Jcreator, go to File->Open Workspace.  Navigate to the SourceFiles directory and select Finch.jcw.

Running an Example File

1.  Navigate to the file you want to run with either the File View or Package View (both on the left hand pane).

2.  Double click on a file to open it in the editor.

3.  First, compile the files in the project by hitting F7 or going to Build->Build Project

4.  Run the file open in the editor by going to Run->Run File.


The Blue run button on the ribbon above the editor runs the project.  By default, this runs the FinchTemplateFile.  You must use the menu Run->Run File.

Creating a new File

1.  Right click on a package and select Add->New File.

2.  In the resulting window, select either Java Class or Empty Java File and click Next.

3.  Name the file.

4.  If you wish to start with the template structure, open FinchTemplateFile, copy its contents, and use them to overwrite the newly created file.