Connecting Electronics

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Connecting Electronics

Step 1

This module will show you how to plug LEDs, Position Servos, and a Light Sensor into your Hummingbird Bit.

Step 2

Find LED Port 1. Plug the color wire (green, orange, red, or yellow) into the positive (+) terminal and the black wire into the ground (-) terminal. Repeat this process for LED Port 2. When positive and ground are connected, you have a completed circuit. A circuit is required for electricity to flow.

Step 3

The four wires of the tri-color LED are red, green, blue, and black. The black wire should be connected to the ground terminal. The red wire should be connected to the ‘R’ terminal, the green to the ‘G’ terminal, and the blue to the ‘B’ terminal. By mixing red, green and blue light, you can create almost any color.