Where can I order the Finch robot or Hummingbird kits?

The easiest way to order is from our online store.
You can submit a purchase order or request for a quote to us at sales@birdbraintechnologies.com.
We ship worldwide!
You can also order from one of our distributors:
Robotshop - ships worldwide with local presence in the EU, Canada, and the US
Adafruit - ships worldwide, Hummingbird only
Pitsco - US, Finch only
Education Technology Specialists - Australia/New Zealand

How do I get an educational discount?

Follow the simple instructions at our store to receive a 10% discount for educators, as well as other benefits!

Do you accept purchase orders?

Absolutely! We process hundreds of purchase orders per year from all over the world.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! Read the full warranty here.


What is the recommended age for using BirdBrain products?

Adult supervision is required for children 13 and under using any of our products. With supervision, we see kids as young as 8 successfully program and build with the Hummingbird kit. The Finch can be programmed by kids as young as 5, using the first levels of Snap! Our products are designed to be low floor, no ceiling: young students can work with them, but students of any age or experience level will find engaging, educational ways to use them as well. 

What types of computers work with Finch or Hummingbird?

We fully support Windows XP to 10, Mac OS 10.6.8 and up, and Linux Ubuntu. Some of the programming environments for Finch and Hummingbird will also work on Chromebooks and the Raspberry Pi. We have experimental support for using Hummingbird Duo controllers with iPad 3 or later.  

Are your products open source?

The Hummingbird Duo kit is fully open sourced, including software, firmware, and hardware. The Finch robot and original Hummingbird kit have open source software and firmware. Finch and Hummingbird are licensed from Carnegie Mellon University.