Meet Our Robots

  • Turn anything into a robot using craft materials and electronics components. Creations limited only by your imagination!
  • Integrate robotics into open-ended teaching of any subject.
  • Engage and inspire students not typically represented in technology.
  • Explore design thinking and project-based learning with flexible, free, standards-aligned curriculum.
  • Grow capabilities with kids from 4th grade through high school.
  • Inspire and delight students by providing them a tangible, physical representation of their code.
  • Use popular & real-world programming languages such as Scratch, Snap!, Python, and Java.
  • Bring computational thinking to your kindergarten class and tackle AP and university level computer science with the same product.
  • Easily differentiate to all levels within your classroom.
  • Make CS appealing to all types of students.

Hear What Educators Say

Hummingbird Robotics Kit
“The Hummingbird Robotics Kit has been instrumental in giving my students real-life skills. It's a thrill for me to watch the teams collaborate on the conceptual design and building their robot using foam board, boxes and other craft items. Enjoying the project and finding it resilient and easy to use.”
— Deborah Minassian, K-8 Computer Science Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA
“The Hummingbird Robotics Kit enables endless ways to integrate STEM innovations through creativity and inventiveness. The age range and project ideas are endless with the different ways you can program the microcontroller! It is a great way to get students creating and designing.”
— Stephanie Cotsifas, STEM Learning Specialist, South Boston, VA
“I chose the Hummingbird kits because it is really just a bunch of parts that the kids can put together however they choose. I just give them some cardboard, craft supplies, and hot glue guns. They are amazingly inventive!”
— Karen Polstra, Middle School Computer Science Teacher, Greenville, SC
“The Hummingbird Robotics Kit has allowed my 5th grade students to explore the depths of their creativity while expanding their programming know-how. This was designed for students to innovate with right from the start! This kit has done wonders in the classroom!”
— James Tiffin, Jr., Director of Academic Technologies, Rochester, NY
“Perfect for those who want to program and personalize their own robots. This is not a kit where you follow directions and create a pre-designed robot. Every robot will be unique. Fantastic website and resources and you can reuse the parts to make new robots.”
— Zee Ann Poerio, K-8 Computer Teacher, Upper Saint Clair, PA
Finch Robot
“"Awesome!" "I love my finchy!" "So cool!" These were just a few of the comments heard from students as we explored the Finch Robots. Students utilized the 4Cs as they collaborated, created, communicated and thought critically to learn to program their robots. One of my favorite parts is that the Finches were so easy to get started. The Finches went through mazes, danced, made music and more. High impact, high engagement - these robots were a hit!
— Jenny Lussier, Elementary School Librarian, Middlefield, CT
“What I liked as an educator was the true differentiation that occurred when using the Finch Robots with my students. Typically, it is difficult to design a lesson that meets each student at their skill level and engage them at the same time. With the Finch, we had students with little to no computer programming experience and other more advanced students. The end results were successful projects created by students at different ability levels.”
— Wendy Steiner, High School English Teacher, Carnegie, PA
“The Finch robots are so simple to use and easily span classes. It was literally a "snap" to use the Finches with our 3 and 4 year old classes! Overheard in a 4 year old class: "This is the best day of my life"!”
— Martha Brower, Technology Director, Reidsville, NC
“The amazing thing about the Finch Robots was how quickly my students were able to figure out how to use them and make them do what they wanted -- this was a major confidence boost for many of our students that were less confident with new technologies. Plus, they had a blast while learning! What's better than that?”
— Leslie Gonzalez, Middle School Library Media Specialist, Athens, GA
“The Finch was difficult at first, but when I got the hang of it it was really fun. I made the Finch change colors, go backwards, talk, and do doughnuts (go in circles). I would program the Finch robots everyday!”
— 4th Grade Student, Griffin County Schools, GA