Our goal is for all students to learn computer science and engineering as part of their regular school day.

Finch Robot Loan Program


Over 90,000 students having programmed a Finch due to the loan program.


Currently, 1200 robots are pledged to the program for the 2017-2018 school year.


Over 500 organizations have participated in the Finch loan program since 2013.

Submit an application for the Finch Loan program in Spring 2018.

My kids have a great time using the Finches and are very excited every time they get the little robots to do something new. They were a perfect addition to our coding curriculum because the students were able apply the skills they learned moving virtual characters to the real world by writing code for the Finches.

-Sandra Wiseman, Library Media Specialist, Wheeling, WV

CS Teachers

Since 2012, we have been alliance and conference sponsors for CSTA.

Arduino at Heart

A percentage of every sale supports Arduino’s mission organization to continue developing their tools and infrastructure.


We’ve donated over 100 robots to schools participating in the Hour of Code.

CS For All Consortium

We are a member of the CSforAll consortium.