Pre-Service Teachers

Use the Finch and Hummingbird in your school of education to teach future educators the importance of robotics in the classroom.

Assessments Standards

Pre-Service Teachers

Case Study: West Liberty University

At West Liberty University’s College of Education, the Center for Arts & Education is focusing on bringing creativity and the arts to classrooms in West Virginia and beyond. Director Lou Karas envisions schools in which students and and teachers fluently use technology as just another artistic medium with which they can express their creativity. The center is based in a makerspace that is available to students and professors across the university, and it also maintains a lending library of technology that includes Hummingbirds. Having ready access to many types of technology encourages students across majors to incorporate technology into course and personal projects in innovative ways.

All of the preservice teachers at West Liberty learn to integrate arts and technology across the curriculum. As they student teach, preservice teachers take that knowledge into local classrooms using the technology lending library maintained by West Liberty. This support also enables local teachers to become more comfortable using robotics and other educational technology in their classrooms. West Liberty students also provide professional development to educators at an annual spring conference.

Recommended Reading

Articles to spark discussion on how and why to integrate robotics and programming into the curriculum.

Bringing the Maker Movement to School by Wendy and Brian C. Smith

Computational Thinking by Jeannette Wing

Scratch: Programming for All by Mitchel Resnick et al.

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