Hummingbird Bit Workshop Professional Development

We are a professional development team who has worked with thousands of educators and schools around the world to integrate both the Finch Robot and Hummingbird Robotics kit into daily instruction.

Interested in hands-on professional development integrating robotics with your curriculum?

“K-12 teachers were blown away by the workshop, excited to dive in, and bring it to their classrooms.”

- Jennifer Mann, Library & Instructional Technology Teacher, Beaverton, OR

“As I get ready to start this school year, I am thinking about how BirdBrain helped me feel more comfortable with robotics and how I can transfer that to my students.”

- Heather Laurent, STEAM Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

“Teachers are inspired and ready to start with technical skills and specific ways to integrate robotics into their classrooms.”

- Tamara Pearson Ph.D., K-12 STEM Outreach - Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA

“Our teachers were able to take what they learned in the hands-on Hummingbird session and put it into practice the next day in their classrooms. Not only did they have the skills to operate the robots, but most importantly they had the confidence and resources to teach it to their students.”

- Chris Champion, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, New Cumberland, PA


Do you want to integrate creative robotics into your curriculum, assessment, and instruction?

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  • In-Person Workshops: Host or attend a workshop with Birdbrain Technologies in your district.
  • Online Training: Learn online with an Instructional Technology Coach who will work with your team or through one of our webinars.
  • Online Resources: Our downloadable resources are hand-crafted to efficiently fit your classroom needs.
Join our team at one of these hands-on events!

Join our team at one of these hands-on events!