Opening the Project

1.  Download the DrFinch package unzip it to a convenient directory.

2.  Open DrJava

3.  In DrJava, go to Project->Open…

4.  Navigate to the SourceFiles directory and open DrFinch.drjava

Linux-Only Configuration Steps

1. After opening the project, go to Edit->Preferences

2. Under Miscellaneous, click on JVMs

3. Add this to the JVM Args for Interactions JVM:


4. Restart Dr. Java or do Tools->Reset Interactions.

5. Note that you must run Dr. Java with sudo, or follow these instructions to make it so regular users can access the Finch (credit: Meg Richards).

Running an Example

1.  Use the left-hand pane to explore the example files.

2.  Expand a package of your choice and double click on a file to open it in the editor.

3.  To run the file, hit F2, click on the “Run” button, or go to Tools->Run Document.

Creating a File

1.  Hit the New button, type Ctrl-N, or go to File->New.  A new file will be created that is initially called Untitled.

2.  If you wish, open FinchTemplateFile, highlight all text and copy it. Then open the new file (Untitled) and overwrite any text with pasted text from FinchTemplateFile.

3.  Right click on the new file and click Save File or Save File as…

4.  Once saved, the file will be properly placed in the Finch project.