1.  Download the Generic Java package and unzip it to a convenient directory.

2.  Navigate to the SourceFiles directory.

3. Open TextPad and go to Configure->Preferences

4. In the Preferences menu, expand the Tools menu and select “compile java”.

5. Change the parameters field from $File to “-classpath Path_To_SourceFiles_Directory\finch.jar -sourcepath Path_To_SourceFiles_Directory\SourceFiles $File”.

6. Hit apply, and then select Run Java Application

7. Change the parameters in Run Java Application from $BaseName to “-classpath Path_To_SourceFiles_Directory\finch.jar;. $BaseName”

8. Hit apply.

9. Open a Finch example program and try to run – it should run successfully. If it does not, verify that additional java files do not also need to be added to the classpath as well. Several of the example programs use other java files, typically found on directory level below main (for example, GestureProgrammer uses files in GestureProgrammerUtils).


Java classpaths have issues with spaces in paths, for example, “-cp C:\My Documents\SourceFiles\finch.jar” may not work because of the space in “My Documents”. We suggest copying the finch.jar file to a directory with a short path if your first attempt fails. In the screenshots below, finch.jar was copied directly to the C:\ to ensure that the path would not cause errors.