Wednesday, March 03, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (ET)

Make Your Own Remote Finch Robot

Make Your Own Remote Finch Robot

This free professional development workshop will teach you how to build your own Remote Finch Robot to use in hybrid or virtual learning environments.

Remote Robots are great for virtual or hybrid learning environments where students and teachers are not co-located, and where students do not have Finch Robots at home. This technology enables students to program real robots remotely from their homes!

Our founder, Tom Lauwers, will discuss how you can build your own Remote Finch Robot using either the original Finch Robot or the new Finch Robot 2.0. Terri Kelly, a computer science teacher from Bishop Ireton High School in VA, will join us to share what she learned from teaching with Remote Finch Robots this Winter.



  • Computer science, STEM, and technology teachers
  • Any teacher interested in bringing computational thinking or computer science into their classrooms
  • Summer camp providers
  • After school providers
  • Librarians

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