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“The amazing thing about the Finch Robots was how quickly my students were able to figure out how to use them and make them do what they wanted — this was a major confidence boost for many of our students that were less confident with new technologies. Plus, they had a blast while learning! What’s better than that?”

- Leslie Gonzalez, Middle School Library Media Specialist, Athens, GA

“The Finch robots are so simple to use and easily span classes. It was literally a “snap” to use the Finches with our 3 and 4 year old classes! Overheard in a 4 year old class: “This is the best day of my life”!”

- Martha Brower, Technology Director, Reidsville, NC

“I can honestly say that teaching the students to program robots from BirdBrain Technologies has been my favorite unit all year. They come to the classroom excited to learn and try new ideas!”

- Sarah Magner, Innovation Lab Teacher, Oakton, VA

“The Hummingbird Robotics Kit has allowed my 5th grade students to explore the depths of their creativity while expanding their programming know-how. This was designed for students to innovate with right from the start! This kit has done wonders in the classroom!”

- James Tiffin, Jr., Director of Academic Technologies, Rochester, NY

“The Hummingbird Robotics Kit has been instrumental in giving my students real-life skills. It’s a thrill for me to watch the teams collaborate on the conceptual design and building their robot using foam board, boxes and other craft items. Enjoying the project and finding it resilient and easy to use.”

- Deborah Minassian, K-8 Computer Science Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

“Incredible learning tool for kids. The beauty of these is that you can use almost any craft supply to make simple robotics or interactive art. My students always amaze me by the ideas they come up with!”

- Richard White, Education Service Center Teacher, Greenbush, KS

“A great tool for introducing students AND teachers to the joys of Making. Easy to learn, easy to use, and an awesome way to introduce engineering design and computer science.”

- Dr. Gary Stager & Sylvia Martinez, Authors of Invent to Learn

The BirdBrain Difference

Learning materials classroom-tested and standards-aligned


Free classroom-tested and standards-aligned learning materials, including programming tutorials, and lesson plans.

Robots for advanced and beginning users

Low Floor &
High Ceiling

Absolute beginners can build or program a robot in minutes, but continue learning advanced engineering & programming for years.

Integrate robotics into different subjects

True Interdisciplinary

Integrate robotics and computer science into subjects from ELA to ecology, math to music, and beyond.

Promote gender equality and diversity in CS/robotics


Our products were created to promote gender equality and diversity in computer science and robotics.

Professional development support available in-person and online


Our team of educators provide virtual professional development, including classroom and school district integration planning.

BirdBrain Technologies’ mission is to inspire deep and joyful learning in all students through creative robotics.

BirdBrain bird

  • What is it?: The Hummingbird Kit is comprised of lights, sensors, and motors which allow students to build a robot out of any materials.
  • Grade Range: 4th grade to 12th grade
  • Software Compatibility: BirdBlox, MakeCode, Snap!, Python, Java
  • Device Compatibility: Chromebook, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Price Range: $99 to $2,349
  • What is it?: The Finch is a robot that brings computer science to life by providing students a hands-on representation of their code.
  • Grade Range: Kindergarten to college
  • Software Compatibility: Scratch, Snap!, Python, Java
  • Device Compatibility: Chromebook, Mac, Windows
  • Price: $99
Finch 2

Finch Robot 2.0

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