1. Grab your kit, and let’s get to know each other!

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2. Pick a programming language.

A herpetologist’s favorite programming
language is Python. What’s yours?

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3. Get hands-on with our FREE teacher intro course.

This is not your average PD. Our free Teacher Intro Course is comprised of short lessons and activities designed to pique your curiosity, inspire creativity, and prepare you for robotic adventures with your students. From “what is a robot?” to “wow, I just built that!” this course will give you everything you need to spark deep and joyful learning with the Hummingbird Kit. Plus, it will introduce you to other free resources across our website!

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We suggest the Teacher Intro Course, but if you prefer to learn as you go, you can always start coding right away with our programming tutorials. You can even learn along with your students!

4. Plan your first Hummingbird adventure.

You’ve laid the groundwork, and now you’re ready to bring robotics to your students! As you learned in the Intro Course, the Hummingbird Kit can be used to increase engagement in any subject, with students of all ages. You might already have a lesson in mind that could use a creative spark – if so, get going! If the vast project possibilities are overwhelming, then let us guide you through your first project.

Choose one of our starter projects below and modify it to suit your classroom.

Looking for a more in-depth project that will span more class sessions? Check out these lesson plans below.

5. Build your toolbox!

The free printable resources below are available to help you as you go. Some teachers prefer to have one copy available, while others print copies for each group of 2-3 students. Find what works best for you!

6. Get the deep and joyful learning started!

We love hearing from teachers — the triumphs, the challenges, and the creative prompts! Join our community and share your journey on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.