BirdBrain Technologies’ Finch Robot loan program loans out the Finch Robot 2.0 to districts, schools, libraries, and other organizations across the United States. This free program is our effort to reach students who may not otherwise get the chance to program a robot during their normal school day.

We generally loan Finch Robots to an organization for 2 months. We expect the students to work using pair programming, so 2 students work together with each Finch Robot.

Applications for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 are now open, and will remain open until July 2. 



Over 250,000 students have programmed a Finch due to the loan program.


Currently, 1000 robots are pledged to the program for 2024/25.


Over 1400 organizations have participated in the Finch loan program since 2013.

As of January 2022, we are lending out
the Finch Robot 2.0!

The new Finch, which launched in late 2020, supports students of any age and comes with free, asynchronous PD courses. It works with all major operating systems and both laptops and tablets.

Applications for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 are now open. Before you apply please read the program requirements, criteria for loan selection, and FAQs.

Program Requirements

  • Use the robots in pair programming. This means 2 students work with 1 Finch robot at a time. If the largest class you will use the robots with is 30 students, you should apply for a loan of 15 robots.
  • Reach at least 5 students per robot. So, if you borrow 10 Finches, at least 50 students need to work with them over the course of the loan period.
  • Have one computer or tablet available per Finch you will borrow.
  • Give us feedback by answering our post-loan survey and sending us curriculum you create, so we can host it on our website for the benefit of other organizations using the Finches.
  • Invest time in teacher training by perusing our website and preparing lessons, in order to effectively run programming with the Finch robots.
  • Applicants must be based in the United States due to the complexities of shipping loaned devices internationally.

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