1. Get to know your robot

Finch Robot


Finch Classroom Flock


2. Pick a programming language

3. Learn the Ropes

There’s more to this little robot than meets the eye! Discover it all with our free Teacher Intro Course. Comprised of short lessons and activities, this course will take you from “what is a robot?” to “wow, my students are going to love this!”



4. Get Inspired with Free Resources

Explore our resources to find inspiration or build your customized plan for teaching with the Finch.

We know how fast students can learn and grow.

When you’re ready, we offer advanced tutorials and activities to help you incorporate higher level challenges with Java and Python. Explore artificial intelligencedraw fractals, or even create your own app with computer vision and machine learning. No matter where you want to go, the Finch Robot can take you there.

5. Build your toolbox

Resources are available to help you as you go. For the printables, some teachers prefer to have one copy available, while others print copies for each pair of students. Find what works best for you!

6. Get the deep and joyful

learning started!   

We love hearing from teachers — the triumphs, the challenges, and the creative prompts! Join our community and share your journey on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.